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October 2015
Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From the Editor... by Tim Greenwood
Good Faith and the Harvest
Everything God does involving individual men or mankind in general, He does through good faith contractual relationships.

Paraphrasing from Mathew 20… starting in verse 1:
Early that morning the grounds master of a vineyard contracted (verbally or in written form) with as many day laborers as he could find to work that day for the sum of one gold Roman denarius coin in exchange for harvesting the vineyard’s ripe grapes.
Three hours later he found more laborers, and used the same contract to hire them.

After another three hours passed, using the same contract, he decided to hire more laborers.

At the eleventh hour of the day, since the crop was not yet fully harvested, the grounds master rushed out to hire even more workers.

Well, if you remember the story, when it came time to get paid, the laborers that worked the longest felt that they had been cheated since they got paid the same wages as the ones that were hired near the end of the day.
But the grounds master of the vineyard explained that each one received exactly what the contract said, and every worker was to receive one gold coin when the owner received his harvested grapes.

So, technically, the owner planted grape seed and harvested the grapes, while the workers each sowed their time and labor and harvested a gold coin, all according to the agreed upon contract.

The fruit or harvest of these contracts were grapes and gold, but every good faith contractual relationship must bear fruit or a harvest to be of value.

What about Genisis 8:22?  “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”  This too was a good faith contractual relationship unilaterally entered into by God with man.

Therefore, faith or fulfilled good faith relationships are what produces the harvests. TGM

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From Good Faith
to Wholeness

by Tim Greenwood

God  created good faith, or what the Bible calls “faith,” in the form of good faith contractual relationships, as the ONLY method by which man can enter any kind of relationship with God or with other men and produce anything positive and profitable.

Sadly, Adam, Eve and every man since has the reputation of repeatedly breaching these contractual relationships.

Each time one of these contractual relationships was violated, broken or breached, it resulted in Breach of Contract, or what the Bible calls “sin.”

Before Jesus brought the Grace Clause addendum with Him and added it to our breached contracts, these broken contracts remained breached; the loss was written off and recorded to the perpetrator’s account as disreputable or unrighteous. And unfortunately, many of these breaches of contract carried the penalty of death and the debts thereof were passed down through the generations.

But then Jesus made mankind the offer of Salvation, via an optional Grace Clause addendum which He unilaterally added to each of these breached contracts. This good faith Salvation Contract only comes by first hearing about that offer of Salvation, i.e., “Faith comes by hearing.”

So let’s step through the process, cascade or domino effect of this offer of Salvation.

John the Baptist came preaching the Kingdom of God to prepare the way for Jesus. Jesus came shortly thereafter preaching and teaching the good news of the Kingdom. And a key part of this good news was that you can be saved out from under the rubble and ruin brought about as the result of a breach of contract, otherwise known as sin.

Now as we know, the primary thing you must have for a kingdom to even be a kingdom is a king.

Well, Jesus came to this planet to, among other purposes, replace Adam and subsequently Satan the devil, and reign as King of the Kingdom. As an aside, when He comes the next time He’s coming back as King Jesus.

The second thing you must have for a kingdom to be a kingdom are kingdom citizens. And in order to receive salvation, you must first receive, acknowledge and accept Jesus as Lord, Savior and most importantly as your KING. Once Jesus becomes your King, you are an official Citizen of the Kingdom, which is your first step.

Official citizenship qualifies you for legal adoption into the family of God, which happens next.

Your legal adoption qualifies you to operate in the God Family’s good reputation (righteousness) and replaces your own old bad reputation (unrighteousness);  i.e., “Put on the new man.”
Your new God Family good reputation, which made you righteous, qualified you, upon your repentance, (not sorrow but a change or complete turnaround), for God to pull out and dust off your previous breached contracts and apply His optional Grace Clause addendum.

With this Grace Clause addendum intact, if true repentance is present, Jesus now has the option to exercise that Grace Clause, allowing you to re-enter that breached contract as if it had never been breached.

Note that I said “optional.” But, because you are now a member of the family you can be confident that He will exercise that Grace Clause, bringing reconciliation between you and Father God.  And for all those breaches that had been written off as losses, Jesus personally paid all of your penalties including your death penalty by shedding His life’s blood to reconcile you.

That reconciliation qualifies you to now appear before the Supreme Magistrate, who just happens to be your newly adoptive Father to have your entire criminal record and bad reputation, (unrighteousness), permanently expunged or remitted from the record.

Your legal remission of breach or sin, and a new clean record qualifies you to be redeemed out from under all of the curses, deprivations and penalties imposed by the law.

And finally, that Redemption, also paid for by Jesus by taking a brutal beating in your place, qualifies you to operate in the favor and blessings of God as well as the favor and blessings of others unto wholeness like God created Adam whole, before his breach.

Amazingly, this is just a synopsis of what occurs in less time than it takes to snap your fingers. There is, of course, a lot more to this, but it’s all I could fit into an article of this size. But, this, in a nutshell, is how it actually works. God is so good!  TGM

Read more about justification and how to operate in good faith by getting Tim’s book: Good Faith and Biblical Contracts!