Windows On The Word
June 2015
Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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Part 3: Prayer Components

by Tim Greenwood

Different people place different kinds of prayer in different catagories.  Some like to break topics up to a fine powder.  Personally, I like to boil everything down to basic components and therefore these are my prayer catagories.


Supplication is basically making requests or asking.  The Bible says that we have not because we ask not.  The way my Dad used to put it was: If you don't ask, the answer is always "No".  God's answer when it comes to requesting to enter into any promise, contract, agreement, covenant, or relationship offered in the Bible is always "Yes" and "Amen".

Jesus left us some guidelines for personal prayer using the negative example of the religious folk of the day, who just wanted everyone else to know how religious they were by loudly praying in public places.

Confession  (2 types)

1. Confession or recitation of what God has promised or said as verbally signing a contract, agreement, covenant, or relationship.

2. Confession of any sin (or breach) and acknowledgment that we missed the mark and are repentant for breaching any contract, agreement, covenant, or relationship.

This kind of prayer also goes by several other names such as consecration, sanctification and others which all denote some type of a voluntary commitment.

Praise and Thanksgiving
Praise and thanksgiving is HOW to use the shield of faith (good faith) and how to "stand" in faith (good faith) - from the signing of a contract, agreement, covenant, or relationship to its fulfilment.

Worship and Fellowship

Worship and every day fellowship is really just establishing, maintaining and developing positive relationships.  The word "fellowship" simply denotes being with and spending quality time with someone.

When God and I fellowship, we just talk, because Father God is my Daddy and Jesus is my big brother. But God is also my God and Jesus is also my King and High Priest, therefore I also honor and respect their office as well.  The word "worship" refers primarily to this showing of respect and giving honor and credit to whom honor and credit is due.

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When I say credit, I'm using it in a broad sense.  But the fact is that Jesus wants you to give Him more credit. 

In my dream, when His own staff so rudely awoke Him in the midst of the storm, screaming "Don't you even CARE that we are all about to drown?" His angry response was to point at the sky and with the words "SHUT UP" - blasted away the entire low pressure zone and every cloud in the sky, BLAM, then point at the sea and with the words "BE STILL" - instantaneously froze the surface of the lake in every direction, WOOSH, and then point at Peter and the rest of His now cowering staff with the words, "WHY ARE YOU SO INCREDULOUS?!"

Let's break it down.  "In" means no or not; "ous" denotes the act of something; and "cred" refers to, yes you guessed it, credit.  Jesus, yelled, "HEY! How about a little CREDIT here?"  "How about giving me at least enough CREDIT to keep you from drowning?"

Jesus wants you to give him credit.  How would you feel if you wanted to purchase a home and the lender told you, "We normally ask for the borrower to pay 20% up front.  But since we don't trust you to keep your word, we are going to require you to pay 80% before we give you credit for the other 20%.
Man, not only would that make it difficult to purchase the home, but its also insulting!
 They just called you a liar and questioned your integrity because they doubted your ability to service the mortgage, and are close to unbelief when it comes to you keeping your word.

Well this is exactly what most of mankind does to God (Father God, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit).  We refuse to give Him any credit.  We require Him to pay up front - not 20%, not 30%, not 50%, 75% or even 80%, but most of mankind requires Him to put up 100% in advance - before we will give Him any credit.  But then - that's not giving Him any credit at all!
For example, The Bible plainly says, By HIS (Jesus') stripes (bruises, whelps and torn flesh), YOU are healed.  This is a promise and a legally binding, good faith offer made by God to you.  One that becomes a legally binding, good faith contract, covenant or agreement upon you becoming party to it by signing the contract, which forms a new good faith relationship between God and you, which needs to be developed and maintained.
Now if you simply take God, (Father God, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit), at His word, that based upon this contract, healing already belongs to you, then you have given Him and His Word full credit.  But if you have disbelief or even doubts concerning this offer, and require Jesus to completely heal you, up front, before you will trust His Word, then you are not giving Him or His Word any credit.

The relationship that God seeks with man is one in which both parties can freely give each other and each other's word -- full credit.


Intercession is simply an intervention to reconcile two or more other parties.  As the key to the plan of Salvation, Jesus intervened, as intercessor, to reconcile the breach of contracts between God and mankind.  Using the analogy of Ezekiel 22:30, Jesus (God) came as a (human) man to stand in the gap (or breach), on behalf of mankind, to reconcile the (contractual) relationships between God and mankind.
Ezekiel 22:30 (TGV) To regain possession of the land I searched for a man among its inhabitants that would rebuild the wall, and repair the breaches for me; so I would not be forced to give up the land and demolish the rest of the wall, but I found none.

Just as an aside, the above speaks of a wall, hedge or other enclosure, which refers to the voluntary but legal commitment, which incapsulates the contract and self-binds all parties thereof.  So the wall is the agreed to contract; and God's desire is to make every effort, no matter the cost, to reconcile and repair the breach of contract, so that the contract will not have to be scrapped or dissolved.  In this case the analogy refers to repairing the contract deed for the land. Failure to repair this breach would forfit the land.  Stand in the gap is really not the best translation for this scripture and should read repair the breach.

The intercession that we are talking about here could range from intervening between members of your own family to the reconciling of conflicts between nations around the world depending on the extent of your spiritual authority. 
The 4E's - The Easy Way To Pray For Others

An easy and effective way to learn to pray for others and help them stand in faith for what they are believing for, at their own level of faith. Tim and Marcia team up for this awesome teaching.

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