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January 2015
Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From the Editor... by Tim Greenwood
The Bible, being a faith book, really has very little doubt in it. Actually, the word `doubt' is used only three times in the Old Testament and ten times throughout the New Testament. Here we will be concentrating on the Greek, New Testament words translated as `doubt'.

In Matthew 14:31 and 28:17 the word translated as `doubt' means double-minded or wavering between two things, such as when we say that someone is straddling the fence on some matter.

Peter started wavering between Jesus telling him that he could walk on water, and his lifetime of experience as a fisherman.  And when the disciples first saw Jesus after His resurrection, some wavered between what they saw with their own eyes and what a lifetime's experience had taught them about life and death.

But, Matthew 21:21 and Mark 11:23 is another Greek word entirely, negated with the Greek word for `not'.

In Matthew 21:21, Jesus is talking to His disciples about the unfruitful fig tree that He had withered from the roots. And He tells them that if they `doubt not' then they too could do the same thing he did.
And, in Mark 11:23, Jesus is telling His disciples that if they believe, (in good faith), what was said and `doubt not' then they will have, (receive, experience or realize), what was said.
In BOTH of these scriptures, the phrase `doubt not' means:
  •      Don't call it into question,
  •      Don't mentally or judicially try it, (as to try it in court),
  •      Don't stagger at it,  
  •      Don't pick it apart and
  •      Don't think it to pieces
...due to your initial opposition, based upon your preconceived ideas. In the remaining five scriptures in which the word `doubt' is used, another word or phrase could and likely should have been used:
In Acts 2:12 the word doubt should have been translated as "thoroughly perplexed."
In Acts 28:4 the word doubt should have been translated as "surely" or "by all means."
In 1 Corinthians 9:10 the word doubt should have been translated as "for indeed."
In Galatians 4:20 the word doubt should have been translated as "not perplexed" or "show you the way out."

And finally, the word doubt in Luke 11:20 is rather odd because it should have been translated as either "I conclude that" or more likely as an unspoken long pause after an inflection raising the pitch of what came before, like a, "wait for it," and then the verbal reveal, which leaves out the word entirely but emphasizes the point.

So, what have we learned? When it comes to faith, don't straddle the fence and don't over analyze it. If God said it, it cannot fail. And how much faith do you really need to believe it something that cannot fail? TGM

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Do Not Waver
by Marcia Greenwood
I chose Abraham as an example to follow in this subject.  Abram was his name before God changed it.   He was not a fictional character, he was just like us - going through life day by day - until one day he heard from God and Abram's faith journey began. Begin reading in Genesis Chapter 12.

Remember, Abram did not have the Bible to read to teach and encourage him like we do.  But just the same; he learned how to put his total trust in the promise's of God, without wavering.

Yes, in the beginning of his faith journey, Abram couldn't quite understand how God could actually bring to pass something He said he would do.   I mean, haven't we questioned this in our own lives as well?
We tend to believe in things we see, things we know, examples from our past, opinions of other `well meaning people', but to trust and put our total faith in the Creator of the Universe!  It takes time to unlearn our old ways of doing something and to put our total trust in God; the only ONE who will never lie to us.

One of the promises God told Abram was that he and his wife Sarai would have a baby.  Now wait a minute here - Sarai's womb is old and she never had any children up to this point - and you know God "I'm not quite as young as I use to be", he might have said.

So what would any baby in the faith do?
Sarai came up with a brilliant plan, or so they thought (the world is going through so many problems because of that plan)!  Sarai told Abram, go to my maiden and have a child with her and it will become mine.  So Abram did, and little Ishmael was born to Hagar.  But this was not God's plan.  

God's plans are always perfect and carry no baggage with them.  (Chapter 16)
But one day God changed Abram's name to Abraham and told him that he and his wife, now renamed Sarah, would have that promised child.  So now, Abraham, having learned his lesson the hard way, had many years to learn to trust God's Word.  What He said, He meant!
Abraham "hoped against hope".   The world's hope is: maybe, someday, if only.. But the Bible's hope is EXPECTATION! Abraham learned not to waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but he was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He said He would do.  And now, Abraham and Sarah had Isaac and they became the "father and mother of many nations."

So, I ask you.  What are you going through?  What facts and the symptoms in your body, in your finances, with your children, with your marriage - in general is life throwing at you?

The truth: God's promises, override the facts.   With His Own body and blood, Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law.
Our God, our Creator, is a God of faith.  He gave each of us a measure of His faith and we can grow in faith as we read the Word of God and then we need to believe and act on that faith.

There is NO reason to waver.  Cling to the Word of God.  Jesus says that "My word is truth."

I wish to encourage all of you to put your total trust, total hope, and total faith in the ONLY ONE that loves us, the ONE WHO wants us to succeed, and the ONE WHO will never leave us or forsake us: God Almighty and His Son, Jesus.

How hard can it really be to believe in something that cannot fail?
In this 2 part audio series, Marcia Greenwood teaches the keys to believing in your heart, building your faith and keeping your faith strong.

You are just one step away from receiving everything God has for you.
If You Believe
from the
 TGM Resource Center:

Tim preaching, Sunday Morning, at Word Faith Fellowship in Norco, CA!