Windows On The Word
May 2014
Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From the Editor ... by Tim Greenwood
Are you believing for a good report?
I've seen it time after time. A person goes to the doctor or is admitted to the hospital, is tentatively diagnosed as something bad, the person is scheduled for further tests and then the prayer requests go out wanting everyone to believe with them for a good report. Does this sound familiar?

Well, what if I told you that God NEVER promised anyone a good report?

Back when the house of Israel came out of Egypt across the Red Sea and crossed the wilderness and came to the Jordon River, Moses selected leaders from each of the twelve tribes to "spy out" the Promised Land. And when they returned, rather than report back to Moses, ten of them publically proclaimed to their respective tribes - a bad report - and all of the people refused to cross the river and take the land and said, "We will not go, we'll die here in this desert before we go!"  At the mountain they said they would go but now they are right there and they decided not to keep their word.

Was God pleased? No! Why? Because, you cannot please God without faith.

What was God's response? God told them that they will HAVE what they said, and that they would indeed die in the desert. Approximately 1.5 million of them died in the desert. Why? All because the people were believing for a good report when God never promised them a good report. And one should never place their faith in something that God has not promised.

Well, if one shouldn't believe for a good report, what should we place our faith in? If you are challenged with sickness, disease or an injury and you know that God has promised you healing through His Word, then you should believe for healing and not a good report. A bad report should only be used to more specifically focus your prayers. If you are challenged with addictions, compulsions or demonic attacks then you should believe for deliverance and not a good report. God never promised you a good report.

The Bible is filled with thousands of promises in which you can place you faith, believe for and stand for, knowing that God will fulfill those promises regardless of the report. TGM

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The Kingdom Process 
by Tim Greenwood

The Kingdom process, or the Kingdom mode of operation is something called good faith, or what the King James Version of the Bible calls faith, in the form of good faith contractual relationships.
This is how God chose to interact with mankind from before the very beginning, and this is how He has designed mankind to interact with his or her fellow man - through good faith contracts.

Verbal contracts long predated written contracts. In fact, written contracts were actually designed only to be physical records of verbal contracts.
There are many types of contractual relationships. Basically, most everything that carries a signature is either a unilateral or a bilateral contract of some kind. This includes relationships of every description: agreements, promises, bills of sale, treaties, pacts, titles to property, marriage certificates, etc, including covenants, wills, testaments, depositions, and I could go on and on.

ALL of God's promises are good faith offers from God, which are designed to be converted into committed good faith contracts between you and Him.
God created man as a speaking spirit, who has a soul, made up of mind, will and emotion, and lives his or her life here on Earth in a flesh and blood earth-suit.
He created man as a speaking spirit, primarily, so that he or she could operate in that Kingdom process with God and his fellow man, by entering into and fulfilling legally binding, good faith, verbal contractual relationships.

Why is it that what a man or woman says is so important?
Matthew 12:37  For by thy words thou shall be justified, and by thy words thou shall be condemned. Mankind was granted, or given authority here on the Earth through what he or she says, if what he or she says is said in faith, or is said, spoken or proclaimed as a legally binding good faith contract.

And, if what he or she says, is what God has already said, God and all the power of the Kingdom enters that contract to make sure that it is successfully fulfilled.

The Word of God is, at its heart, a collection of verbal contracts, which have been recorded for our benefit. In order for us to receive that benefit, we cannot just view the Word of God as religion, a historical record or a feel-good philosophy.

The Word of God must become His Word given to you in good faith. And, God's Word carries more weight than anyone else's word - because He has put up His Godhead as collateral to guarantee His Word.

We cannot just view the Bible as a book, anthology or a collection of writings about God, but rather a record of what God has said, in the form of good faith offers and contracts.

In addition there is record after record, in the Bible, evidencing that God has never failed to keep His Word, nor has He ever failed to fulfill any good faith contract. (To be Continued)

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