Windows On The Word
March 2014
Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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Has God Turned
His Back
On The
United States
of America?

Or, Is It That America Has Turned Its Back On God?

by Tim Greenwood

Let's look at the evidence. Except for just a very few exceptions, the entire media of the United States has now become a totally leftist (Socialist) skewed machine of the "progressives" which are now seeded throughout federal, state and local governments. Just to define terms, when the term "progressive" is used here it refers to a Socialist who's philosophy is slow, methodical, step-by-step encroachment to strip away your freedoms, defenses and anything else that might hamper them from controlling you and the minds of this nation.

In other words, for the first time, at least in my lifetime, our federal government and to a lesser degree state and local governments, are no longer operating in good faith for the benefit of its citizens. On the contrary, for the first time during my lifetime, our government, on the whole, led by the current leftist executive branch, is on a determined, premeditated tare for power, position and control over the citizens of the United States.

The news media, on the whole, has now been reduced to being yapping, snapping, little leg-humping lap-dogs for the progressive agenda, so skewed to the left that they have forgotten the meaning of balanced reporting.

The entertainment media, now days, does not allow an opportunity to pass to demean, make a mockery of or malign a Christian, Christian family or a Christian minister. Although his actual title hides his purpose, the federal government has actually now hired a Minister of Propaganda to develop big screen propaganda films, with big "stars," specifically designed to sway the American masses further to the left and away from God.

When the founding fathers established this nation, they did so upon the Word of God. Colleges, Universities, and local school curriculums were founded upon the Word of God. Many of the founding documents of this nation are replete with references to God and the Word of God. (Cont...)

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The founding fathers even went so far as to make part of the Constitution itself, a prohibition of the federal government to establish a mandated or preferred "State" religion. And yet, the progressives have methodically, step-by-step, enshrined just that - A "State" religion referred to as "Secular Humanism," throughout this nation. Secular humanism is basically the worship of the god of self.

Today we find that those same Colleges, Universities and local school curriculums have virtually replaced the local churches and the Word of God to become the seminaries and training centers cranking out enthusiastic young missionaries of Secular Humanism. And yet, well meaning, Christian families across this nation, continue to sacrifice and amass great debt in order to send their precious children to and through these very institutions. Just a thought: One need not have an abortion to sacrifice their child upon the altars of Baal.

Using the contrived and twisted doctrine of separation of church and state, which is so often quoted yet exists in none of this nation's founding documents, God, the Word of God and especially the name "Jesus" has been expelled from our public school systems, has been banned from our public institutes of higher learning, has been kicked off of our football fields, has been purged from our courthouses and has become unwelcome in our municipal parks and facilities.

The average person on the street, including those who would tell you that they identify themselves as "Christians," are unable to point to any real scriptural basis to support that claim, nor do they believe that they have any obligation to state or demonstrate any level of commitment to being a "Christian." Don't get me wrong. There is no lack of good intentioned and "want-a-be" folks out there. But there is virtually no commitment or follow through. And it would seem as if all of this is greatly magnified in those in the 13 - 24 age groups.

Social and legal pressure in the form of "political correctness" has even elbowed its way into some of our local churches, where you can comfortably sit, be soothed, entertained, taught, made to feel good about yourself and leave - all without ever hearing the name - "Jesus." Oh, you do hear "Christ this" and "Christ that," and I know that Paul did use that term a lot.

But, Paul considered himself a Jew of Jews and I'm sure it was a great revelation to him that Jesus was the long awaited "Messiah" or "Christ." But, even so, "JESUS" is His Name! The NAME above all Names.

The same thing, it seems, goes for the "blood." I mean, blood can be messy. It makes some people sick and some people faint at its sight. But there is POWER in the blood of Jesus!

And then there are those messy manifestations of the Holy Spirit, which many local churches have now either relegated or limited to some "other" day of the week, rather than Sunday, or perhaps even to a back room somewhere, if anywhere at all.

It would seem to me that Jesus and His Holy Spirit may be standing outside knocking at the door - of your church - but may no longer feel very welcome there.

And, let's talk about apathy. An apathetic citizenry, including apathetic Jews, is exactly what led to the rise of Adolph Hitler in prewar Germany and all of its atrocities. Like the proverbial frog in the saucepan on the stove, because the heat was only turned up a little at a time, the frog, although made uncomfortable through each increment, the frog just got used to it, until he found himself unable to escape and cooked.

Apathetic, divided, denominated, segregated, leaderless Christians are exactly what have led to the current cataclysmic state of these United States and all of its failings. If you as a "Christian" are not standing up, speaking up and standing your ground then you might as well count yourself among the apathetic. If you as a "Christian" are not being led, then, in the name of Jesus stand up and lead.

I have it on good authority that regardless of analogy and Sunday-school teachings, God is NOT looking for servants and sheep. But rather He is looking for leaders and lions! He is not looking for passive people to fold into society, but rather, He is looking for warriors to stand up for what is right to further and forward His Kingdom.

You, as a Christian, have the power and the authority to continue and finish the ministry of Jesus here on Earth. It's time for every Christian to, once and for all, learn who they are in Jesus and use that dominion they have been given. God has never and will never turn His back on us.

Sure, end-time Christians may have to go through some end-time stuff but we already have the victory, we already have the Greater One within us, we already have the power of the Holy Spirit working through us. It's time for this nation (and every nation) to stand up and take a stand for Jesus. TGM

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