Windows On The Word
July 2012
Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From the Editor ... by Tim Greenwood
Are you going through a storm?
Jesus’ disciples encountered a great storm in Mark 4:35-40:  Jesus told them to take him in a ship to the other side of the lake and then He fell asleep. A great storm came up and the ship began to sink. In an absolute panic, they woke Jesus. Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and spoke to the sea. The storm was instantly over. And then He asked the disciples why they hadn’t already done what He just did.  Then He answered His own question pointing out the presence of fear and the absence of faith.

Here’s what you can do during times of storms:

1. Reach out during these storms.
Never permit yourself to hide away and separate yourself from others.  The devil would love to put guilt or shame on you because of the storm you’re going through.  Don’t take in his lies.  Seek the help and comfort of other mature Christians to pray in agreement with you.

2. Continue with your daily routine.
  This is the peace of God ruling in your life, not confusion.  Don’t allow yourself to lose sleep in worrying.

3. Refuse to fear!
  Faith cannot coexist with fear. Only one or the other will be present during a storm.  Choosing faith is choosing life.

4. Don’t make any quick emotional vows to God during this time.
  Make sure your emotions are in check.  If there is indeed an area that needs changing in your life, you can come to God and speak to Him about it at another time.

5. Realize what storms are NOT yours.
  Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into the whirlpool of other people’s storms. If you help other people during a storm, pray a blood covering over yourself, love them, and speak the Word to them.

6. Rule the storms-don’t tolerate them.
Mark 11:23 says to speak to this Mountain and command it to leave. Do this right away, and then only say what God’s Word says about it. Never speak the negative.

7. Praise and thank God continually.
  Use your shield of faith, which quenches ALL the fiery darts of the wicked, by thanking and praising God that the mountain (storm) has left.

If you do these things - you will overcome the storms, and you will have the victory!

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Shaken But Not Stirred
Article by Nancy Smith
Most of our baby boomer generation would recognize this phrase as James Bond’s preferred method of martini preparation.  However, during prayer the thought came to me that this can also describe the state of mind of most people today, even God’s people. Those who are without God have good reason to be shaken - look at the numerous natural disasters that have befallen many nations: massive earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, volcanic eruption, severe drought, overabundant water causing great damage. Consider the economic wreckage of our global economy causing the stock markets to veer as wildly as a driver asleep at the wheel. There is no hope that man has a solution to all these ills.

Sadly, people by the billions are shaken, fearful, frustrated and trying to cope, rather than resting in hope. We are caught up in the business of just feeding our existence. How can I pay for my child’s college? Can I make next month’s rent and buy enough food for my family? Thoreau said “most men live lives of quiet desperation.”  If that describes your life, then it’s time to do a new thing - get stirred up.  2nd Timothy 1:6 tells us (NKJV) “I remind you `Stir up the gift of God’ which is in you by the laying on of my hands.”  

God gives us many gifts, all of them good gifts. One of His greatest gifts is the presence of His Holy Spirit within us.  Father, Son and Spirit live with us, but the Holy Spirit is special in that He is our Comforter and Guide - the One who shall teach us all things, and brings all things to our remembrance. He works with the spirit of man (the candle of the Lord) and gives us wisdom and insight beyond our own maturity and experience. But just as we must feed a fire to keep it burning, and feed it well  (and continuously) to make it burn bright, we must feed our spirits and “stir them up” to allow the Holy Spirit to bring the light of Jesus into our world, and light up the darkness around us.

So how do we get stirred up? First, realize God said “YOU stir up the gift of God.” He’s already done all that He needs to do. Now it’s our turn. Stir it up by spending quality time in Bible study. Stir it up by spending time in your prayer closet. Stir it up by spending time with people who belong to God and they are happy to talk about it, both in and outside church. Stir it up by sharing your faith with those who are in need and searching for answers. (You’ll help stir them also). Start your day thinking about “who can I bless today, Lord”? Practice mercy and grace toward your family, your colleagues, your friends and perfect (or imperfect) strangers, like the fellow who cut you off on the highway. Under your own power it isn’t easy. But the gift of God that you are stirring up will teach you, guide you and show you all things.  You and I are vessels who can do all things through God, to whom is all glory and praise.

So if you’re seeing no way out, look toward God with a stirred-up heart - Isa. 43:19 promises “I will do a new thing. I will make a road in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” He can make a way for you, for me, for anyone who comes to Him in repentance and obedience, and none of us who trust in Him need ever be shaken again.
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Month of July

Sunday July 8:
10:00 AM
Shining Light Ministry
La Puente, CA
Pastor Mario Villa

Sunday July 15:
10:30 AM
Abundant Life Fellowship Community Church
Monrovia, CA
Pastor Tim Wolf

Wednesday July 18:
All Day
Tim & Marcia’s Wedding Anniversary

Saturday, July 28:
9:00 AM
Believers Victory International Church
Womens's Meeting
Carson, CA
Pastor Delores Mueller

Sunday July 29:
10:00 AM
Praise Alive Worship Center
Monterey Park, CA
Pastor John Long