Windows On The Word
February 2012
Dimishing The Darkness By Lifting Up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From the Editor ... by Tim Greenwood
Don't mix politics with religion?
I have heard it said that we should not mix politics with religion. Well, I take that to mean that we, Christians, should not take into consideration our Christian morals or practices when it comes time to elect individuals to represent US in public office.

That begs the question, Why NOT?

What then would they have us consider in a candidate? His or her popularity or celebrity status? How slick or quick-witted they are? Weather or not they are professional debaters? I say, NO!

These men and women that we elect are supposed to represent US and OUR morals and OUR beliefs as they carry out their jobs in elective office! And if not OUR morals and OUR beliefs, whos morals and beliefs ARE they going to represent? Your vote for an individual is your personal endorcement of what that individual stands for. Your vote is representitive of a partnership with that individual.

And, YES, every Christian has a moral and civic responsibility to vote. Every Christian should highly value the freedoms that we have been aforded in the Constitution of the United States of America. And every elected official that we elect should be dedicated to respect, protect and defend that Constitution - INCLUDING all of it's Amendments. If fact, every elected official that does not, should, because of the vow of office that he or she took, be impeached from that office.

We Christians are the vast majority in these United States. And the way this system is set up, the mojority is SUPPOSED to rule - regardless of what some liberal, activist judges may say. And this majority needs to stand up now, pull together and vote based upon our Christian morals and practices as opposed to voting for empty political promises of a little more money in our pockets.

If we do not pull together now in 2012, then it is very likely that we could lose those constutional freedoms which we so highly value. TGM

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The Living Tabernacle,
The Holy of Holies and ,
The Mercy Seat,
- All Wrapped Up in One
by Tim Greenwood
The Lord woke me up one morning with this thought. Where does it say that Jesus went up to Heaven and sprinkled His own blood upon the mercy seat? Yes, I KNOW that He HAD to do it to make everything legal and I believe that He did. But WHERE does the scripture say He did it?

I like so many others was taught from John 20:17 that when the resurrected Jesus said to Mary Magdalene, "Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father," it was because He had not as yet taken His blood to Heaven. But now, I don't think this was the case. In fact, I now believe that Jesus successfully fulfilled every aspect of this legal requirement right there upon the cross.

How you ask?

The Lord told me that if I would break the scriptures and passages down into the Greek and then retranslate and paraphrase them back into everyday English by the lead of the Holy Spirit, that He would reveal things that have been hidden for millenia.

That morning after asking that question aloud, the Lord answered me with what turned out to be the key word, "propitiation."

Well, I found the scriptures. And after I broke them down, He helped me paraphrase them into the following applicable passages.

Rom. 3:23-25 (TGV) For all have missed it and have been found guilty of breach, and have been found lacking the honor and trustworthiness of God;

But we have been judged innocent and had our corrupt reputations replaced with a good reputation through the favor that comes from being a child of God, which was made possible by Jesus redeeming us out from under our death sentence, by Christ Jesus paying in full for our breach with His Own life in our place.

He made us part of Him, we make Him part of us.

He who Father God had pre-purposed and placed on the world-stage as an atoning victim to declare His perfect, sinless reputation and to then voluntarily provide His own life blood for application upon the Mercy Seat for the total remission of our past breaches and sins through the forbearance of God;

Father God had pre-purposed or prepared Jesus as the propitiation or Living Mercy Seat, Who would allow Himself to be sacrificed and be covered with His own blood.

Heb. 9:11 (TGV) But the Anointed One came to this Earth as The High Priest and future benefactor, pre-packaged within the original, Living Tabernacle. and not some physical structure that was constructed by mankind, like this building we now sit in;

Now the tabernacle referred to here is the temple or tabernacle in the wilderness built by Moses according to detailed instructions from God. That tabernacle consisted of a rectangular structure, two rooms deep with a single exterior door at the front and no windows. The strurcture was surrounded by a fenced or walled courtyard with a single gate or enterence in the front. After entering and passing through the courtyard and entering the door to the tabernacle structure, the first room was called the Holy Place and contained three pieces of furniture: A lampstand, incense altar and a table with a basket of unlevened breads. Seperating that room from the next was a thick veil or curtain. In the second room, which was called the Holy of Holies, sat the ark of the covenant covered by an ornate lid which formed the seat of a bench shaded by the wings of a kneeling angel on either side. This lid or bench, which the LORD would come down and sit upon amoung the people, was called the Mercy Seat.

Each year during Passover, the High Priest would enter the tabernacle with a bowl of blood from the sacrifice of a perfect lamb and sprinkle it upon that Mercy Seat to atone for the sins of the people.

Continuing the paraphrase in Heb. 9:12-14 He said, He (The Anointed Jesus, The High Priest) entered into that Holy of Holies, within Himself, once and for all time, covering the Mercy Seat with His Own blood and thereby obtained everlasting redemption for us. Not the mere blood of sacrificed livestock, but His own blood.

And, if you think the sprinkling blood of mere livestock and with the ashes of some burnt cow is legally sufficient for the purification of the bodies of unholy and defiled people - how much more then is the widely sprinkled and splattered blood of Christ, Who through His Own Holy Spirit, has offered Himself as an unblemished sacrifice before God, legally sufficient to wash away all of the works of death from your conciousness and a homage to the Living God.

So what Heb. 9:11-14 is saying is that Father God sent Jesus to this Earth as our High Priest AND the Living Tabernacle. The the temples or tabernacles that Moses and later Solomon built in acient Israel were just types and shadows of the Living Tabernacle - Jesus. And that Living Tablenacle included the Holy Place, all of it's furnishings, the Holy of Holies and the Mercy Seat, all wrapped up in one! And when Jesus, there upon the cross of Calvary, became covered with His own blood, the Mercy Seat of the Living Tabernacle was also covered, redeeming us once and for all. TGM

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