September 2011          Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From The Editor . . . by Tim Greenwood   
What is it that you are committed to?
The generosity and commitment of our precious financial partners makes it possible for us to go wherever God asks us to go and to do everything He asks us to do.

For those of you that have not made that commitment to Tim Greenwood Ministries, what we are asking you to do, right now as you read this, is to commit to an amount, any amount, big or small, which divided across the next 12 months you can easily afford to help support this ministry. If you are a Pastor, I ask that TGM be included in your annual missions giving.
People are getting saved, healed and delivered. We are daily diminishing the remnants of satan's kingdom. Everywhere we go, we are teaching Christians not only how to resist the devil, but how to take back all of the lost ground. Lives are being changed, but God is asking us to do much more.

God works through people like you. Yes, your prayers are important and appreciated, but it's going to take gifts of real estate, wills and endowments, donations big and small and yes even the widow's mite to get the job done. Right now is the most critical moment in the history of this planet. The time for you to make a real difference is now.

Unless you have unsubscribed or have changed your email address, every subscriber gets sent an email version of this newsletter. Near the bottom of this newsletter is a PayPal Donation Form where you can set up automatic monthly donations for a specific period of time. Our experience with PayPal is that it is a Safe, Easy and Secure way to transfer money. For other ways to give to TGM, Read: How Can You Help TGM? (below).

The following suggested amounts, or any amount, can quickly, simply and safely be set up for automatic giving for the next 12 months through the PayPal interface below, or by contacting the TGM office and providing us with your credit card information. 
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Make your commitment now. As you give financially, sow it as your seed into the good ground of TGM, be assured that 100% of it is going into the work of the Ministry of Jesus Christ and that we are praying for a 100 fold return harvest on your giving.

Window On The Word
Good Intentions
by Tim Greenwood
That wonderful day has arrived. The planning and preparing have all been done and today you are giving the hand of your precious daughter in marriage. And when the groom is asked if he promises to love, care for, provide for and will remain faithful to your daughter and the marriage, he replies, "Well I'll TRY!" "I'll sure give it my best shot!"

As the father of the bride, how are you going to feel about that? No matter how sincere the good intentions of the groom may be, those responses are certainly not a commitment. Your spouse, your employer, your pastor and even God - is NOT INTERESTED in your good intentions! However, they are ALL wanting, desiring and needing your voluntary commitment. Why is commitment so important?

Romans 14:23 says whatever is not of faith, is sin. That is to say, whatever is not done or said in good faith is, or will lead to, a breach of contract, a breach of promise or a breach of relationship. Therefore, attempting to enter into a contract, promise or relationship, without committing to it, is an act of bad faith. A letter of intent or a proposal is in no way equivalent to a signed contract. It never has been and never will be.

James 2:17, 20, 26 says that faith without works is dead. That is to say, a good faith contract, promise or relationship will not work without commitment, or a good faith contract is worthless without your signature.

Good faith, based on love, is the primary foundation of every relationship of every kind. But in order for those relationships to be mutually beneficial, commitment is required. All of the want to, hope to and best good intentions in the world will not produce or fulfill a mutually beneficial relationship.

Matthew 7:13-14 says, Enter through the narrow gate, because broad is the gate and wide is the road which leads to loss, ruin and destruction and yet many still choose that path. But narrow is the gate and narrow is the path which leads to life, which few seem to find.

To explain this passage, let me ask you a question. Is it ok with you for others to treat you in just any old way? Is it ok to lie to you, cheat you, steal from you and deceive you? No, of course not! You want others to treat you with respect, tell you the truth, and to keep their word when they tell you they are going to do something. That's pretty narrow, isn't it? Plus that broad, non-committal way of treating you just any old way may cause you loss, ruin or destruction, no matter how good their intentions may have been.

What Jesus is saying here, that despite what the majority seem to be doing, He wants you to commit to treating others in this same narrow way that you want to be treated.

God, throughout the Bible, has made you thousands of good faith promises and offers which are designed to benefit you. But in order to receive any of these benefits, these promises and offers must be converted into signed contracts through your verbal good faith commitment. All of the good intentions in the world are not enough to receive anything from God.   

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Gifts Other Than Money:
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For more information on these and other methods of giving to TGM please contact us by mail to the following address:
Tim Greenwood Ministries
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