July 2011                      Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ
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From The Editor . . . by Tim Greenwood   
Psalm 122:6 says, "Pray for the peace ([shalom] the wholeness and undividedness) of Jerusalem," the capitol of Israel and, by extension, the nation of Israel.  So, are you doing it?

This has NEVER been more important, in world history, than it is RIGHT NOW.  On May 19th, I watched, stunned, as the President of this United States, figuratively, threw our democratic ally, Israel, under the proverbial Palestinian bus with the intent to bully Israel into submitting to further division.  Meanwhile, millions of your tax dollars have just been pledged to support the successful development of a massive emerging Islamic caliphate which is completely surrounding  tiny Israel.

On May 20th of this year I was invited to a special diplomatic briefing on Israel at the Jewish Federation Building at which I personally spoke with Israeli Ambassador Jacob Dayan and other prominent middle east experts.

One of the experts stated that this is now a zero-sum game; That there is no more win-win solution; And that there will be only one winner and one loser. He then ask us, "Which side will you be on?"

Right now as you read this, Israel is being set up to look like criminals in the court of world opinion when they must use deadly force to defend their borders from a people that will only be happy when every Jew is dead.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel, an undivided Israel - and do it now.

What Ambassador Dayan asked me to express to you is this: If those voices in Washington DC do not represent you - then it is imperative that you make YOUR voice heard by them! Call or email the White House, your Representative and your Congressman and let them HEAR YOUR voice.  

Window On The Word
The Lord,
His Kingdom and
Contract Law

by Tim Greenwood
If we as human beings are dependent on the Lord, then what form does that relationship to Him take? In other words, what kind of structure is that bond between the Lord and mankind? The answer is: A good faith covenant, contract or relationship.

A good faith covenant is, at its most basic level, an agreement between two parties. A good faith covenant in scripture may refer to a mutually agreed or negotiated bilateral pact between two individuals or a unilateral offer of relationship from one individual to another. By way of specific examples, the Lord has explicitly entered into covenant with Noah, Abraham, the nation of Israel, and David. Jeremiah prophesied the coming of a new covenant. Jesus spoke of the last supper in covenantal or contractual language. And the author of the Book of Hebrews described the finished work of Jesus as the fulfillment of the old covenant and the establishment of that new covenant promised by the Lord in Jeremiah. 

The concept of good faith covenants is all encompassing in Scripture. In fact, it is the most pervasive, large-scale description of mankind's relationship to the Lord. The very structure of creation was covenantal or contractual, including the original instructions to Adam and Eve to populate the earth, to rule over the world, and to take dominion over all of the Lord's creation. If Adam's obligations were embedded in a covenantal or contractual relationship, then our obligations as their descendents is also covenantal or contractual.

One conclusion that you come to is that all mankind, through Adam, is in a contractual relationship with the Lord, and it is not just the Church or assembly of the body of Christ that is contractually bound in this relationship. And, if all mankind is in a contractual relationship with the Lord, then what are mankind's responsibilities in that relationship and what are the sanctions imposed upon individuals for breaching it?
Our relationship to the Lord, through good faith covenants, includes the life of every human being bound in a good faith covenantal or contractual relationship.

As a king rules his people by a covenant, then every Christian should see every aspect of their life in the context of the Kingdom of God as opposed to being limited to what we have come to call, the Church.
A practical atheist finds the meaning of the world and principles of action solely within the world order. A secular approach to the law cannot acknowledge the existence of an independent Lord who rules a dependent humanity through covenants of His determination.

Satan and the "world," under his sway, are doing everything possible right now to sever the connection between covenantal or contractual law and morality. If morality is reduced to an emotional opinion, then all contract law will quickly be diminished to the exercise of power.

The removal of the morality of good faith from contract law will make it impossible to use contracts, in any form, as an objective criterion of justice, and will result in people using contracts only as a means by which his or her personal or group interests may be advanced at the expense of someone else.

Already, we are seeing the breakdown of good faith throughout society. And if this trend is not reversed, soon the notions of good faith, justice and morality, as we know it, may become a completely foreign concept.

Good faith contracts and contract law was created and established by the Lord Himself as the foundation of every relationship between He and us and between us and others. Every biblical promise and benefit is a good faith contract, being offered to us by the Lord. All we have to do is to find one that applies to our situation, read it with understanding, believe that it is indeed a contract between the Lord and us personally, unequivocally commit to its fulfillment and put it to work, giving it proper time and attention.

Because our Lord Jesus is King, successful good faith contracts flourish in the Lord's Kingdom. They are an integral part of the Kingdom of God which we need to understand, employ, teach and restore.  

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