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April 2011
Window On The Word
Have You Rejected

by Tim Greenwood
Have you ever been talking to someone in person or on the phone and they mention that they are sick or having financial difficulties or some other problem? If you are a typical person you may have family, friends, acquaintances or associates that you talk to on a regular basis. Let's get real here - these topics come up almost on a daily basis when talking back and forth to others.

There has been one thing in particular that has been getting to me for sometime now. Most people are seeking help; a way out of their particular problem, but the moment you mention that God has a way out for them to conquer this problem they hem and haw or their eyes begin to glaze over, and they quickly change the subject or "must move along now".

Now I can understand it when the person may not be a Christian, but what in the world is happening to the church - meaning us, God's kids?

I remember as if it were yesterday when Tim was so sick and very near death; the doctors could do no more and sent him home to die. So we did what many people are doing today - looking for something that can fix the mess they are in! We searched everywhere and everything. Yet, God brought us right back to His Word - His instruction manual - the Bible.

Now yes, it was our choice and continues to be our daily choice to choose God's way or follow the way of the world, friends, or even what the government has to offer.
People rush to get the latest advice from the top celebrities, and when that doesn't completely help, they are right back where they started; right in the middle of the problem.
Hosea 4:6 tells us that "My people perish for lack of knowledge, for THEY have REJECTED knowledge." (My emphasis.)

When you bought a new bicycle and attempted to put it together correctly - did you just pick up a piece and think, well, it looks like it fits here OK. NO! Your goal is to have a bike that is safe to ride - so you picked up the instruction manual and took the time to read it, so you can get on the bike and have a great and safe ride.
The same process is true in life. God is our Creator - He made the whole world. He set up the spiritual and physical laws.

Why do so many belittle what God has done for them? Why is it too much to think that the Word of God is true and that the Word of God works? I mean - works ALL of the time!
Of course the devil is behind this deception - he comes to blind the world so we won't fully live in the blessings God has given us. Yes, God wants you blessed, everyday of your life!
But we do not have to listen to and receive the lies of the devil. Why listen to the "father of all lies"?
Doesn't make sense, does it?

Jesus IS the way, the truth and the life. He has come to give you and me an abundant life, while the devil is doing the complete opposite - he comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).
If a gunman broke into your house, you would do everything in your power to protect your family and yourself. Yet in real life, far too often, too many people, especially Christians who should be the example and the light in the world, just don't even give God a chance to prove Himself mighty in their lives.

Too many people, and I did this for years so I know what I'm talking about, read the Bible as just another book; it contains some good stories, some poems and history also.
We must realize that one of the ways that God talks to us is through His written Word - the Bible. His way works all the time - all the time!

I understand that we want the results NOW, not tomorrow, next month or even next year.
Not everything happens in an instant. When cooking a great meal, this process takes time. It takes patience to put everything together properly, cook or bake the dish - then you can enjoy the meal.
The same is true in receiving something from God.

Faith - there I said it! Faith is not a "movement" or your denomination! Faith is very important to God. Living by faith is very pleasing to God. Jesus lived by faith - every moment of His life on earth. God created the earth by faith. And even now He lives by faith. If God didn't have anymore faith that the earth revolved around the sun - where would we be now?

God has a system in place and if you will use your faith to receive and live within that system it will work for you and bring results every time.

In next month's newsletter, the 2nd part of this important topic will be taught.
In the meantime make sure your life is not sustained by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God!   To be continued ...

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