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December 2010

From The Editor . . . by Tim Greenwood
This month I thought I would share one of the many testimonies that we receive here at TGM.
Brother Greenwood,
I just wanted to take a moment to let you and other brothers and sisters know about my experience.
Approx. 3 years ago I made a really bad decision to sin against my body, my family and most importantly my God. As a result, my world as I knew it was turned completely upside down.
I suffered many sleepless nights, multiple severe symptoms in my body and a slew of family issues. The worst part was that I was not able to share any of this with anyone other than the many doctors I had to visit. It was only through the grace of God that I was able to keep my job. Finally, in desperation, I shared the matter with my mother who loves the Lord and was at a church service where you were the guest speaker. She gave me a cd, which you had recorded, called "Receive Your Healing Now."
I actually called you and you were nice enough to talk with me. You let me know that God still loved me and that listening to the cd of Healing Scriptures was the beginning of my healing.
Many nights as I lay awake, I would hear that cd over and over. I can't tell you how many times I heard that cd. My faith went through the roof as I learned all that Jesus provided for me. I love that cd and I love you for making it. If anyone reading this has any physical need of healing, I strongly suggest you get hold of that cd. Because - Today, I am healed!! Thank you Jesus.
Recently, I met you at Joy Christian Center in Rancho Cucamonga, spoke to you after the service and was able to pick up more of your wonderful teachings.
May God richly bless you and Marcia,
J.V. - California

Window On The Word
Part 1
Tim Greenwood
Hope seems to have gotten a bad rap especially in faith circles.  I have heard it taught that faith is what we are after and that hope just doesn't measure up.  But the fact is that you can't have and operate in faith without hope.

I know that Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing.  But that is not all there is to it. Hebrews 11:1 says that, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, (past tense).  Therefore, hope is a prerequisite for faith.  But faith doesn't come automatically.

Here is how it actually works.  A person has a need that they cannot fulfill.  As they seek and fail to find anyone else to fulfill that need, the situation seems more and more hopeless.  Hope tends to leave a little at a time.

Then you hear something said about someone or something that may be the answer to your need and then, depending on the reputation of the source of what was said, hope returns on some level.  If the one whom you heard is of a impeccable reputation, your hope may soar because you now believe that there is a source out there to fulfill your need.  But how does one tap the source to fulfill the need?

Now, I am talking about hope.  Not wishing, not dreaming, but real Bible hope.  Real Bible hope is expectation or anticipation based upon something rock solid.  Let me ask you, what could be more rock solid that a legal, good faith offer made to fulfill your need, offered to you by someone that, according to testimony after testimony, has never failed to keep his word and never failed to fulfill every offer, promise, covenant or contract?

God is the one.  Mostly in the form of the Lord Jesus, He has never failed to keep His word.  And both Old and New Testaments of the Bible are loaded with eyewitness testimony of how God has never failed to keep his word.  God's word is good!  I'm not talking about the printed book called the Bible.  I am saying that His word is good!  He keeps His word.  He fulfills His word.  His entire reputation and Godhead is based upon Him keeping His word.

When the word of God is heard by us, offering us a means or method to fulfill our need, and we believe it in our hearts, and hope returns once again, we are half-way there.  For we now have the prerequisite hope, which is the rock solid expectation needed to take the next important step.

God has made you a legal, good faith offer that has the ability to fulfill your need.  The question is, are you now going to accept it? If a store made an offer in the newspaper, you would clip it out and take it to the store and claim or accept that offer.  Why not take the offer you heard before God and tell Him that you claim or accept that offer, and commit to doing everything in your power to see to it that you do not breach this new relationship, covenant or contract between you.  Wow!  

You just verbally signed a legally binding good faith contract with God!  That act of faith, sealed the deal, and now, faith is.  But don't throw our your hope.  No! Faith mixed with that rock solid expectation and anticipation, should have you celebrating already!    TGM

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