Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ

October 2010

From The Editor . . . by Tim Greenwood

Tim Greenwood Ministries' Mission is to develop the Kingdom of Light while (at the same time) destroying the works of darkness. That is what, with God's help, we are here to help people do, through our God given vision. It is our God-given vision to: SAVE - the lost EQUIP - the saved (Saints) EDIFY - the equipped (Believers) DELIVER - the oppressed To teach: FAITH - that pleases God and AGAPE' LOVE - for everyone - and Provide: INSTRUCTION - for the renewal of the mind TRAINING - for leadership and HEALING - for the sick

Through and since my healing from terminal heart disease, we have, with the help of the Holy Spirit, learned what faith really is, how it works and how to utilize it as God intended. We have come to know the very heart of God and have been allowed to grasp the awesome role of His love in our lives through His Word. Faith & love through the Word... it sounds so simple. But the applications of properly combining these can result in you operating at ever expanding supernatural levels in the areas of salvation, healing, deliverance and more. We desire to teach you these things and with your help carry this teaching around the world building up the body of Christ to complete the ministry of Jesus Christ through TGM.

Hundreds of thousands of lives have already been touched and changed through salvations, healings, deliverances, and families turned right side up through TGM outreaches. But now God wants us to prepare for a huge wave of people that are coming into the Kingdom. God has spoken to me about building a training center to transform today's church members into tomorrow's leaders that will be needed when the wave comes. The church will either be ready and catch the wave or be overwhelmed by it.

We need Christian men and women of integrity to partner with Marcia and me to fulfill this mission and accomplish this vision. We need people that have a heart to complete the ministry that Jesus Christ started 2000 years ago.

I ask you to please pray about partneing with this dynamically growing ministry. And let us know what you hear in your spirit.

God bless you mightily! TGM

Window On The Word

Good Faith, Repentance,
Mercy and Forgiveness

An exerpt from Tim Greenwood's new book,
Good Faith and Biblical Contracts

Mercy is the legal right to set aside any breach of a good faith contract in the presence of repentance, as if the breach had never occurred. Mercy is a type of forgiveness. Unlike remission, mercy does not blot out or erase the breach, but rather strikes it out, draws a line through it or covers it up. The breach is still on record, but set aside for the sake of the contract.

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (1 John 1:9 KJV).

If you claim never to have breached an agreement, contract, promise or relationship, then you are only deceiving yourself because everyone knows that you are lying. But, if you just have enough integrity simply to come to Him and confess your breach, you will find that the Lord is still standing in good faith concerning your agreement, contract, promise or relationship and He has the legal right to set aside your breach and expunge every record of the wrong that was done.

On the other hand, if you deny your breach, then you are additionally slandering the Lord's integrity, when it is you that has no integrity (1 John 1:8-10 TGV).

For instance, if Marcia, as an apartment manager, approaches a tenant to notify them that they are in breach of their rental agreement for some infraction, she has the legal right to immediately issue a 30-day notice for the tenant to move themselves and all their possessions off the property. But she also has the legal option to issue a 3-day notice to comply or quit, which requires the tenant to choose to either comply with the agreement from this time forward or to move out. And should the tenant choose to comply, Marcia can legally "set aside" the breach allowing the contractual relationship to continue as if no breach had ever happened.

After all, she is in the business of filling the apartments with tenants, as opposed to keeping tenants out or emptying apartments. God is like that too. He is not trying to keep people out of His Kingdom. He is trying to get as many people as possible into His Kingdom. Not only that, but He is also doing everything He can to get you in on His offers of salvation, healing, deliverance, provision, security and so much more. Actually, anyone has the legal right to show mercy and forgive any breach against them.

Marcia does not want tenants to leave. But what if the guilty tenant denies the breach, and refuses to "repent?" Repentance is the willingness of one who breaches a good faith contract to admit the breach, ask for mercy or forgiveness, change their behavior and make the breached contract whole again.

Should they refuse to repent, then the breach stands and they can expect to be served with a legal notice to move out. You see, the moment that the tenant denies the breach, they are from that point acting in bad faith and the relationship has became dysfunctional if not adversarial. The denials are actually accusations of bad faith on Marcia's part, and question her integrity. Note that if they move, Marcia did not kick them out. It was the un-mended breach of contract that legally demanded them to be removed.

It is exactly the same with God. If you sin, then you have just breached a contract, which demands repentance. Before the breach can be legally set aside, which will allow the contract to continue through the mercy of God, there must be repentance.

So, mercy, usually following repentance, is what makes it possible to repair a breach. And forgiveness willingly writes off any losses or punitive damages caused by that breach. Combined, mercy and forgiveness make it possible for the relationship to be restored, repaired and for all additional indebtedness caused by the breach to be written off. Aren't you glad that God provided such wonderful tools as good faith, repentance, mercy and forgiveness?   TGM

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