Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting up The Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ

August 2010

From The Editor . . . by Marcia Greenwood

Tim was invited by conference host Gordon Mueller to minister with such notables as Jerry Savelle, Creflo Dollar, Keith Moore, Fred Price Jr., Nasir Siddiki, Berry Tubbs, Jeff Backer, Edward Smith and Jason Lozano at the 2010 International Victory Conference in Carson, California, which ran from June 28th through July 3rd.  This is Tim's third year to minister at this powerful conference.  The conference theme this year was Freedom Now, Victory for All!
This awesome "Who's Who" list of great men of faith taught, preached and ministered on such topics as: How to multiply, be fruitful and increase through the blessing; How to be blessed through the Abrahamic covenant in spite of any recession; How to get free from every constraint through consistently working the Word of God; How to add structure to our faith in order to lead people where they have never gone before; How to have sustained victory by staying under the shadow of the Almighty; What to do when it seems that all hope is lost and no one is left to help you - except God; as well as powerful messages of our victory and the faithfulness of God and a powerful time of healing, deliverance, signs and wonders.

Tim, in keeping with the theme of the conference, taught from his latest book, "Conquering Fear and Anxiety," how to achieve victory and attain freedom from every kind of fear.  Not some day, not some time after you complete your sessions, not at some point after your medications are adjusted and not after you finally discover some defining moment from your past, but right here and right NOW.

The best that the world's medical and psychiatry arenas can offer is a means to COPE with fears and anxieties.  But merely coping with fear and anxiety is just not enough.  God wants his kids to be free from fear and anxiety and provides us everything we need to CONQUER fear and anxiety, once and for all.  Tim's powerful, faith filled message taught what fear really is, how it works and how to stop it in its tracks. TGM

Window On The Word
The Touch
of a Father
By Nancy Smith
I was sitting in the food court of the local mall enjoying New York Double Chunk Chocolate ice cream (I would repent later!) when I noticed a young man strolling around the area. Neatly dressed and very clean-cut, he caught my attention because he had an infant settled in a carrier, such that the baby is held chest-to-chest, and its head supported by the high "collar" back of the carrier. 

The young father walked up and down the food court, his head inclined towards the child, and often speaking to him or her. Frequently, he paused, supported the baby's head with one hand and tenderly kissed the small face. 

Tears rushed to my eyes - would that all fathers would treat their children so - and not just when they're tiny babies, but love them unconditionally their whole lives! 

In these last days, when the absentee father is a cold reality in the lives of too many children, that few minutes left me with thoughts to share.
God's design is that we all have a mother AND a father and be set in a family (Psalm. 68:6).
The enemy's design is to break up that unit so that children are left a gaping emotional wound where the father used to be. (John 10:10).

Perhaps the fathers have died, or been divorced, or have abandoned the family altogether. 

Although it is not a first choice, it may be that a father is a soldier serving in a faraway land, helping to secure the freedom of this nation and other peoples. 

Technology has allowed us wonderful tools to let military families keep in touch, but soldiers surely long for the day they can hold their children in their arms again. 

If your circumstances have left you fatherless, I have good news. The greatest Father in existence, GOD the Father, is but a breath away, and He desires you for His family. 

But wait, some may say, isn't God just sitting on His throne waiting to catch us sinning so He can punish us? Not my God is the ultimate Father, desiring to lavish me with love and good gifts, with His blessing, and with an elder Brother who intercedes for me before His very throne.
Remember the young father with the infant? God is even more attentive than that. He is always watching over us (He neither sleeps nor slumbers) and He desires to prosper us, to give us hope and a future (Jer. 29:11 N I V.)

If we will attend to God's instruction, we can enjoy a relationship even more intimate than this young father and his child. God will allow us to boldly approach  His very throne, and enjoy heart-to-heart conversations with Him. He is always ready to speak with us, when we are focused on Him and tranquilly listening. 

Like the carrier that enveloped and supported that infant, God's loving care and His full armour will surround and protect us (Eph. 6:13-15).
Consider these words from Psalm 91 - God is called a shelter, a refuge, a fortress, a shield, a dwelling, a rescuer, a protector, a deliverer, and one who saves and satisfies. 

To whom do those gifts belong? To him who loves Me (vs. 14). These things are gifts of the greatest Father, the One who will lift up our heads (Ps. 3:3) and confer good gifts upon us. 

Like as the human father bestowed kisses upon his small child, God's wish is to greet us with tender affection, and lead us gently through all the hills and valleys of this natural life. 

There will be many pleasures and many trials, but if we invite Him, our heavenly Father will be with us in all of them. He even offers us the bonus of many brothers and sisters in Christ in this life who rejoice and mourn with us in every season.

God has a growing family right here on earth. He is a Father who never fails, who will never leave us, and is always faithful to hear us when we call Him. 
He's the Father I always wanted. How about you?  TGM

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