Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting up The marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ

January 2010

NOTE: We received notice that the January edition of Windows on the Word may not have reached everyone on the mailing list. Therefore we are rebroadcasting it now, soon to be followed by the February edition. Thank you for your patience.

From The Editor . . . by Marcia Greenwood

Happy New Year!

Tim and I want to begin this New Year of 2010 by letting you know how special each of you are to us. We thank you for being part of our team at Tim Greenwood Ministries, and helping us to accomplish the work God has called us to do. We cannot even begin to fulfill the call on our lives without your faithful partnership and prayers.

We pray for you daily. We ask God to keep you safe, healed and prosperous. We pray favor over you and your family. Expect God's blessing over your family's lives more than ever this year. Expect your healing, expect renewed love in your marriage, expect your children to be saved, expect to get out of debt, expect favor to chase you down, expect to operate in love and patience this year more than ever.

Now get ready to receive!

Ephesians 3:20 tells us that God is well able to do abundantly MORE than we can think or imagine! What can you imagine happening in your life and your loved ones this year? Now, what WILL you imagine? Whatever it is, look for it happening just as you would a big parcel being delivered to your door. You just keep opening the door waiting for the UPS or FED EX person to arrive.

God is a God of His Word. He always operates in Good Faith. The Bible is The Word of Truth. Expect to live in faith this year, in every situation that arises, more than you ever have before.

God loves to bless His kids. And He is so very pleased when we operate in faith (Good Faith).

At TGM, we expect to do more for the Kingdom of God in 2010 than we have in previous years. We invite you to come along for the journey; it will be a great time diminishing the darkness while lifting up the marvellous light of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

Window On The Word

by Deliberately Modeling
Good Faith

Another exerpt from the book, "Good Faith and Biblical Contracts" By Tim Greenwood

We as leaders not only need to be good role models but also to deliberately take every opportunity to demonstrate how to operate through good faith relationships, good faith agreements and good faith promises.

Titus 2:7 (TGV) Continually and consistently demonstrate (or model) in your teaching, by doing it yourself.

When a fashion model walks down the runway, every step, every move, every gesture and every turn is deliberately calculated to showcase whatever is being modeled.

Good Faith must be deliberately emphasized in every transaction and interaction. Consider the additional time and effort it may take as an investment in the future of whomever you are leading.

When someone says that they will complete a task or take on an assignment, you should lay out the conditions and requirements as if it were a legally binding contract, because technically, it is. And it will help the people meet your expectations if you require them to reiterate back to you what their understanding of what you expect from them before they agree to it.

Another way to model Good Faith is to keep track of and fulfill every commitment, no matter what it takes.

If you say, "Let's do lunch" or "I'll call you back" or any other such thing and fail to follow through on what you said, it damages your credibility and diminishes the value of your good name and your word. In short, keep your word and don't say anything that you don't really mean. And, always DO what you said you would do.

As leaders we should expect Good Faith from those we lead. If a leader models Good Faith and teaches Good Faith then he or she should reasonably expect Good Faith to become the new standard or benchmark as the result of that teaching and good example. You should expect those under your leadership to develop and maintain mutual good faith relationships as you have modeled and taught. You should expect those under your leadership to keep their word and take full responsibility for fulfilling every promise, agreement or contract, no mater what it takes.

James 5:12 says, Let your Yes be Yes, and your No be No.

You should expect those under your leadership to say "Yes" only if they can fulfill an agreement, and to say, "No" if they cannot. You should expect those under your leadership to successfully fulfill every thing they agree to take on.

Look, I believe that I know your hearts. I know that your heart's desire is the same as mine. And that is to fulfill the unfinished ministry of Jesus Christ before He returns.

And when those under your leadership see you modeling Good Faith and hear you teaching Good Faith, I believe that they will see your heart. And I believe that they will desire to live the same way.

We as Christians – representing our Lord Jesus – must take our leadership roles seriously. We must begin to restore Good Faith in the Earth. Beginning with your ministry or if not in ministry, beginning with your sphere of influence.

And if we do our part, then YES! When we hear those trumpets sound and our Lord and King Jesus returns to the Earth, Jesus WILL find - Good Faith. TGM

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