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From The Editor -- by Tim Greenwood   October 2009
What should God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) reasonably expect from you and I?

Well, the Lord led me to the following two passages for the answer.

Luke 6:46 (KJV) Why call me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things, which I say?
James 1:22-23 (KJV) But be you doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves; for if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a mirror.

OK, be "doers" of the Word.  But that still seemed kind of vague to me so I dug into the Greek and did some retranslating and paraphrasing.  Now I don’t have room here to go into all the details, but I will share with you below what I found.

Luke 6:46-49 (TGV) (Jesus speaking) Why is it that you keep calling me Boss but refuse to do what I say?  It would be the same thing as if I contracted with a builder to build me a house and he agreed to build it to my specifications, but then didn't. 

According to my specifications the contractor is supposed to prepare the site by digging down to bedrock, lay the foundation upon that surface and then build the house upon that foundation.  But instead he takes some short cuts and just lays a shallow flat slab and builds the house upon that.  But should a flood arise and wash away the house due to the inadequate foundation, that contractor will be found in breach of contract and will not only be liable for the entire house but all of it’s contents besides. 

Your breaches (sins) will eventually catch up with you too.  When you come to Me for something and I agree to provide it under certain conditions or specifications, and you agree to it, that constitutes a good faith contract.  And I should be able to reasonably expect you to fulfill your part of that contract.

James 1:22-24 (TGV) When you come to the Lord for leadership, guidance or advice and He provides it by requiring you to act upon what He says, that is an implied contract and it is completely reasonable for Him to expect you to fulfill your part of that contract.  How can you even look at yourself in the mirror each morning after breaching contract after contract?

I think that should speak for itself.  TGM

Marcia and I want to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate our TGM Partners.  We really do pray for our partners every single morning, covering them, and everything they own and are responsible for, with the blood of Jesus.  You may ask, "What good is that to me?"  I'm glad you ask.  Even with all of this economic turmoil around the world, NOT ONE of our TGM Partners have lost their homes and NOT ONE is out of work.  NOT ONE!  We believe that PARTNERSHIP is a two-way street.  Our partners financially support that God-given vision and mandate that the Lord gave me to accomplish before His return.  And in return, we act as a covering for our partners.  I believe that we have the greatest Partners on the planet.

The ONLY problem is, that there are not, as yet, enough Monthly TGM Financial Partners to fully fund all that He has ask us to do.
  So I am personally ASKING you and INVITING you to become a Monthly TGM Financial Partner because some people want to be asked or invited.  I AM NOT "begging" you for anything.  I am OFFERING YOU a partnership in ministry.

No amount is "too small".  We've had people tell us, "I wanted to sow into your ministry, but all I could give was $5 a month and was embarrassed to give that little."  Listen, we figured up, that if everyone that came to our website just gave $1.00 a year it would actually support the current configuration of our ministry.  But then, our current configuration is not getting the whole job done, but you get the picture.

So if you would like partner with Tim Greenwood Ministries, and you are ready to sow  your monthly amount, I encourage you to use the PayPal form below to
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Thank you and God bless you!
Tim & Marcia Greenwood
Window On The Word -- by Marcia Greenwood
Take Your Stand of Faith
Have you ever noticed that when you make a faith stand it seems that ‘all hell’ tries to come against you to knock you down?  I know you have, we all have.  So, you’re not alone in this.  Yes, this is meant to make you feel better!

These attacks usually take us by surprise.  Why?  To take us off guard, slap us across the head to confuse us, so we don’t think straight.

For instance, you and your spouse are working on your marriage.  You’re just not as close as you used to be and you decide to change this.  All of a sudden, you get in the biggest fight of your life. 

Or, you are learning what Jesus did for you in the area of healing and decide you are going to receive you healing by faith.  Does the pain get worse or does something else pile right on top of the first illness? 

How about this one?   You decide that you have had enough of debt in your life and you want to be free from it.  The very next week the car, washing machine and lawn mower quit on you at the very same time.  You are tempted to quit, even before you began on your faith journey.

You see the devil roams around seeking whom to devour.  The good news is, if he understands that he can’t knock us around and devour us – he will move on.  The point is we need to STAND, in our good fight of faith, until he lifts his tail and moves on. I know the devil does not have a red suit and tail – but you get the picture!

Don’t quit!  You and I have everything in us right this very moment to ensure that we win the victory.  Huh?  I sure don’t feel like it.  That’s OK.  We don’t go by what we feel or see.  We live and operate by faith!   You are a child of God – Right?  Well, His Modus operandi, His “MO”, His method of operation is doing everything by faith.

If you are a bit weak in using your faith muscles then it’s time to build yourself up.   Put on your favorite praise, worship or perhaps “The Theme From Rocky” and get moving!

God knows the answer to anything we want to know in life.  The Word of God, the Bible, is our instruction manual.   Read everything about marriage, healing and faith, finances or whatever it is that has set itself up as a mountain in your life.

Speak to that mountain and command it to get out of your way and to be slam-dunked into the sea.

This is not the time to have a pity party or allow your emotions to control you.  This is the time to cast out every evil thought that comes against you.  Learn this – Do Not Allow Your Thoughts To Become Your Enemy!

If the devil applies pressure against you – resist and push back.  Remember that the greater one (Jesus) lives in you AND you have the power of the Holy Spirit in you.    The devil loves to test us.  But when we have studied the Word of God, deposited it in our heart and speak it forth out of our mouth we will always pass those tests with flying colors. 

Along with using your faith, be sure to under gird it with patience.  When the pressure is on, patience will hold your faith up.  Picture a bridge.  If a tank goes across the bridge wanting to get to the other side, it will succeed if the bridge (faith) is built correctly AND the pillars underneath (patience) are strong and secure, holding the bridge steady as the tank goes across.  The bridge may get a bit rocky in places, driving may get slow at times but if everything works together the tank will reach its goal.

Faith, even the size of a mustard seed, can make any mountain move.  Nothing will be impossible for you (Matthew 17:20-21)!

So, I am writing to encourage you to take your STAND of FAITH, now speak to that mountain, and praise God for the manifestation of what you are believing for and YOU WILL GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!  For the promises of God are sure.  Your marriage will be full of love again, healing will come, debt will leave and you will have a great testimony to help encourage others to do the same in their lives.

Your Faith can move mountains!
It's true!  To learn more get this great 4 CD series!

by Tim & Marcia Greenwood
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