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From The Editor ... by Tim Greenwood - For August 2006

Greetings partners and friends,

This month I want to share some exciting, life-changing news!

TGM Web Site

As of June 25, 2006, has begun streaming audio on demand from our new online media center. This means that you can now hear selected TGM audio teachings over the Internet whenever you want to listen.

Walking in Faith Book

Back in 2002 it was prophesied to us that my book Walking in Faith would be "translated into many languages." That prophecy is now being fulfilled!

As of June 20th Walking in Faith has now been translated into Spanish, French, German, Marathi (an Indian dialect) and Chin (a Burmese Dialect). In addition, we have been told that the book is also in the process of being translated into Hungarian, Hindi and the Tamil language.

So far Walking in Faith (in English) has been sent free and postage paid, touching the lives of tens of thousands of people in more than 134 English speaking nations of the world – helping so very many to receive healing and all of God’s goodness!

Now we ask you to join with us to take this message of faith and healing to the nations by publishing and printing foreign language versions of Walking in Faith. It’s not about me – it’s all about the message!

We are making a real impact! Through this book people are getting saved, healed, and delivered around the world! Just today we received another testimony of healing from AIDS and another healing of a man that was dying from emphysema.  For the first time, I truly feel that we have the devil on the run! But we need more books printed in English as well as getting the foreign language version of this good news into print.

Now, we must print at least 6000 copies to get this price, but your donation of $1000 will print and mail 1500 copies to people in the US or 500 people overseas, $100 = 150 US or 50 overseas, $10 = 15 US or 5 overseas!

I believe that when we all gather in heaven, people will be lining up to thank you for making it possible for their lives to be changed through this book! So I thank you in advance!

God bless you all

Window On The Word ... by Tim Greenwood

Life is NOT About

Do’s and Don’ts

Life is not about the Do’s and Don’ts! Life is for LIVING!

LIFE! God wants you to live! Abundantly! LIFE to the FULLEST!
Fun, full and fulfilled! Healthy, happy and whole!
Deut. 30:19 says, "… I … set before you life and death, … choose life!

But, if you are allowing sin into your life – as a way of life… then you are NOT choosing LIFE – but are choosing death!

John 10:10 says that there’s a devil loose in this world – and he wants you D-E-A-D! And he doesn’t care if he kills you all at once – or – an inch at a time! Killing you slowly – allows him to steal everything you ever had or would have had before you die. Sin and darkness allows him access to apply death – to your life… shortening your life – and lowering its quality.

Are you going to have to "give up" something in order to live the Lord’s way of life? The answer is "Yes!" You have to "give up" – DEATH – and all the devices and people that the devil uses to pull you, lure you and push you – towards death!

The Word of God – IS the "Way of LIFE!"

God says, "don’t" – (not to WITHHOLD from you) but… So that you may have LIFE and have it MORE abundantly!

God’s law is not a "stick" to beat us with! God’s law is a like "Life Raft" – in a world that has been flooded with sin!

People all around us are drowning in a sin-filled cesspool of their own making.

But you don’t HAVE to drown! It’s your decision! You can CHOOSE – LIFE!

You can climb into that "Life Raft!" And keep – within the law – until it becomes – a WAY of LIFE! At which time – the "Life Raft" takes you to "higher ground" – where you can LIVE!

But far too many people won’t stay in the boat! They climb in for a little while and then keep diving overboard with everyone else!

Should we "slip" and fall back into that sea of sin… All we have to do is: Sincerely ask for forgiveness, receive that forgiveness by faith, ask God for help – and… climb back into the "Life Raft!" Until we do – we are once again drowning in that cesspool of sin!

Luke 14:28 says, to "Count the COST!" Every time you sin – it costs something! NOTHING the devil has – is free! Every sin – puts you deeper in debt to the devil. And PAYMENT – is extracted from your life – at his whim… as long as you are choosing "death" instead of "LIFE!"

Choosing LIFE – by choosing Jesus and HIS way of life… Allows Jesus to apply HIS payment – to pay your entire debt!

God says, "DO" (not to boss you around) but… Because those things that He says to DO – Bring LIFE!

Where man is concerned – God’s core nature – is that of a FATHER! First and foremost!

I don’t care what anybody says… God is NOT in the business of making servants! God’s "M.O." – His "method of operation" – How He operates with mankind… is "Sowing and Reaping!" (i.e. Sow a seed – reap a harvest… multiplication!)

John 3:16 says that, at the appointed time—He sowed a Son—as His seed—towards an abundant harvest of sons! Sons of God! Not servants. Satan was a servant—but Jesus was a Son! Now don’t get me wrong—God needs servants to gather in His harvest! But the harvest—IS Sons! God has both conscripted and hired servants—but it really gives Him joy when His sons come to work in the family business. "God & Sons!" That’s where I work now!

Yes, there ARE do’s and don’ts. But - it’s not ABOUT the do’s and don’ts. It’s about life and death and the Father’s love and desire for a - thriving—healthy—happy—family, living with Him—forever! And it’s about Jesus (the living Word) being the way of LIFE.

Ministry News
New TGM Teaching Series Available Now!

It takes real Bible faith to move mountains.

When I was at deaths door and found myself stumbling along the bottom of the valley of the shadow of death, I found that there was no way out and I was ready to give up. But the Holy Spirit came and revealed to me that the only way out was to move the mountains that created that valley – with my faith! Well, I learned how! And Marcia & I want to share this important information with you to help you to change your circumstances now!

Tim & Marcia Greenwood team up to teach this subject in a simple and easy to understand classroom format, straight from the Word of God.

In this 4 CD series you will learn about faith:

What is and is not real Bible faith?
What are the prerequisites to real Bible faith?
Why do we need it?
Where do we get it?
Who is able to use it?
How do we use it?
How does it actually work?

Available on audio CD and may be purchased by credit card from the TGM Online Product Catalog.

Ministry FaithProjects …that you can help complete:
$2400.00 to reprint Tim’s book "Walking in Faith" (Urgent)
2600.00 to publish and print the first foreign language versions of "Walking in Faith" (Spanish, French, German, Indian & Burmese)
$350.00 to upgrade our network hardware.
Real Estate for the TGM Ministry Offices, Training Center, etc.

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Tim Greenwood
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