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From The Editor -- by Tim Greenwood   November 2008
As Christians, when we speak of faith, we most often are referring to three primary kinds of faith.  

First, there is what I call “natural faith”.  This is your experiential belief and dependence upon your five senses of: sight, touch, sound, taste and smell.  Unless somehow handicapped, everyone has this kind of faith.  For example no one that has ever sat in a chair has any problem believing, trusting or having faith that the next chair will support his or her weight.  Anyone can have faith that after having taken a first step across a room with the right foot, and finding the floor solid, that he or she can proceed to step out with the left foot.

Next, there is what I call “religious faith”.  This is obtained by listening to or reading the words of someone whom you respect such as a preacher, teacher, leader, or other person and come to trust, believe or subscribe to the doctrine, teaching or viewpoint of the speaker or author, without validating or corroborating the factualness of said doctrine, teaching or viewpoint.  For example, believing what was taught in a sermon in church and not bothering to check the facts or even look up the scriptures cited from the Bible.  Faith comes by hearing, but faith in whom?  Is that faith really in God or the person to whom you are listening?

And then there is what I call “real Bible faith”.  Real Bible faith is believing (trusting) what God, through the Bible (the written Word of God), has already said and believe it as God speaking directly to you; and believing it so much that you simply “step out” and act upon what He has said.  Now, I’m not talking about head-faith where you just agree that “yes” the Bible does actually say that.  I am talking about believing it in your heart.

Most Christians I have ever met think and say that they have and operate in "real Bible faith", when in fact the vast majority only operate in “natural faith” and “religious faith”.  The tragedy of this is that as long as individuals limit their faith to believing their own senses, then they will never fully trust God.  “Real Bible faith” does not even begin until you get beyond your five senses. 

God's Word is so simple, and I want only the very best for you.  So, I want to personally encourage you to get back into the Bible, read what God is saying to you, believe it in your heart, step out, act upon it and just go live it.

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Window On The Word -- by Tim Greenwood

Feared In The Streets Of Hell

By Nancy Smith
TGM Board Member

We all love a good story, especially one in which the hero defeats the bad guy, even though the odds are overwhelmingly against a victory.  Our hero does not turn back, does not give up, and finds strength and courage to conquer the adversary. In these stories, the hero is said to be “feared in the streets of hell” because he just keeps on coming, no matter what obstacles are thrown in his path.

All cultures admire courage and strength and the will to defend others. We get a little thrill of joy when the “good guy” wins, and wish that we, too, could have a part in overcoming evil with good. If we seek out the Word on this subject, we find out that we are given that privilege and authority.

Before He departed this earth to sit at His Father’s right hand, Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 28 that “All power is given to me in heaven and in earth”.  He delegated that authority to His disciples, and all of us who have come after them. In Luke 10:19 Jesus tells us, “I give you authority…over ALL the power of the enemy.”

We become deputized, by power of attorney to use that authority when we accept Jesus as our Lord and King, and walk in His Word, led by His Spirit, believing that we receive what He proclaimed is ours.

The devil runs rampant in this earth, because he can. Many, if not most Christians do not realize that they can oppose his thievery, destruction, and murder. His purpose is to overwhelm and destroy mankind with darkness, despair, fear and hopelessness. We Christians can be the “heroes” that push back the darkness, but not for our own glory. We do it in the name of Jesus, for the glory and honor of our merciful Father, and to bring freedom, light and deliverance to families, our neighbors, our colleagues, and eventually the whole world.

We don’t have to start with big things. We can start small, with acts of kindness that bring a smile, a bit of joy and comfort. If you are the first to arrive at the office in the morning, you can be the person who makes coffee and ensures the break area is orderly. Set the example. Listen when others share their experiences and victories. Rejoice with them, and comfort them when it is needed.

Every bit of joy and hope you bring to another is a boot to the head of the devil. He wants people to be miserable, sick, fearful, hopeless and depressed. Use Spirit-led compassion to lift them up, intercessory prayers for healing and deliverance, pay attention to their needs and allow them to see Jesus and His anointing – what it has done for you and what it will do for them.

When you ask God for wisdom and understanding, make sure that you are sensitive to the clarity and knowledge that He provides, (James 1:5), and then act on it to slam the door on Satan’s activities. As deputies of King Jesus, we can defeat his armies of darkness by resisting his influence, (James 4:7), with power and authority in Jesus’ name. The more that we resist, the more that we oppose the enemy’s actions, then the more the light of God is brought to this earth. Bring light, bring joy, be God’s instrument of life for others, and you will surely be “feared in the streets of hell.” 

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