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From The Editor -- by Tim Greenwood   October 2008
Are You Registered To Vote?
We (Christians) are not a minority - we are the majority! It is time to declare at the ballot box that we will no longer allow officials who embrace the values of the 6 percent who do not believe in God to repeal the rights of the 94 percent who do. We must remove officials who do not comply with traditional, historical and biblical principles and replace them with those who do.     

Your Vote Counts... even if YOU don't cast it!  But to vote you must first register.  The deadline for voter registration is fast approaching.  If you have not registered to vote, please consider doing so NOW.  Our country needs the participation of every believer on Election Day. Exercise your right of freedom and faith by voting in November. 

You may register locally, or go to “” for instructions on how to register online.  (Note: is a public service Web site. Tim Greenwood Ministries is in no way associated with this site, and does not endorse any particular political candidates.)  If you live outside the United States, please join your faith and prayers with ours for the upcoming elections.

Visit us online at and remember... God loves you and we love you!
Window On The Word -- by Tim Greenwood

This Is How We

By Tim Greenwood
As a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Religious Organization, Tim Greenwood Ministries cannot legally endorse any political party or candidate.  I can’t tell you who to vote for, so rather than do that I will just describe the method by which Marcia and I select whom we vote for.

First understand that when you vote for a candidate, you are entering into a covenant with him or her.  What this means to us is that we are partnering with them.  That to an extent should mean that we stand for what they stand for.

Our system is really pretty simple.  We ask the question, “Which issues are the most important to God?”  Going by the leading of the Holy Spirit, we believe that God is primarily concerned with the moral issues of today.  So we look at that first.  And the issue that seems to have the greatest moral implication today is that of abortion.

So, using the internet, we do some research as to what the candidates ‘believe in’ based upon how they have voted and what they have said in press releases.  This issue usually eliminates so many candidates that we rarely have to go much further than this.

After this elimination process we had our voting list. 

Now there were some county and local candidates that we just could not find information on.  In those cases we just looked at the stance of their political party on the above issues.

If we still needed to ‘thin the heard’ so to speak, then we would just go on to the next most important moral issue.

Also, the best advice that I could give anyone concerning voting is “Never vote the money!”  If one studies the economy over time, they will see that party politics really have absolutely nothing to do with the rise and fall of the economy. 

The economy just flows in fairly predictable 8 to 12 year cycles that follow the principals of sowing and reaping, blessing and cursing.  When it’s good both parties try to take credit for it, and when it’s bad they try to blame each other for it.  The only time we ever vote the money is when that IS the only issue – such as voting on bond issues.

Well that may seem a little simplistic to some of you but it works for us and I believe it helps us to vote, as God would have us vote for our benefit as well as the benefit of our nation. 

Right now we as Christians have an extremely rare opportunity to effect positive meaningful changes in our nation.  If we don’t vote, we are abdicating control of our freedoms into the hands of those that actually see us as a threat to their secular-humanist agenda. It is my hope that this has been a help to you or at least an insight into another way to look at voting.    
Please encourage your congregations to
register and exercise their right to vote.

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