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From The Editor -- by Marcia Greenwood   May 2008
Spring has sprung – as the saying goes.  Snow is melting, grass is turning green, flowers are blooming and trees are budding forth-new life.

Just as we see nature turning its back on the old and reaching forth to new life we must do the same.  We need to get rid of the old broken, decaying areas of our life and allow for new growth to take over, bud and blossom.

Just as many of us use the term ‘spring cleaning’ to tackle our homes and freshen them up by getting rid of old clutter, dirt and dust that has accumulated over the winter - we must take time to do some ‘spring cleaning’ spiritually in ourselves also.

Just as we would not stuff something in the closet or hide it under the bed when our desire is to get rid of it – we must not ‘stuff down’ anything inside of us that prevents us from receiving God’s best.  We must learn to take authority over it right away and cast it off and get it out of our lives.

We must throw out the clutter and cut off anything that is drawing us away from spending time with God.  Our goal should be to get nearer to God by walking and talking with Him –abiding in Him and He in us.

If we have been full of worry in the past, we have the choice to replace worry with peace, joy, calmness and happiness.  If a seed of bitterness has sprung up – it is up to us to pull it up by the root and receive a harvest of love and free flowing forgiveness towards others.

1 Peter 5:7 tells us to cast all of our cares or anxieties on God because He cares for us.  To cast means to throw out quickly, we don’t want our cares to take root inside of us.  We must get rid of them immediately.

Isn’t it time for all of us to do some ‘spring cleaning’ in our lives? 

Window On The Word -- by Marcia Greenwood

A Special Word From God

One night as I was just getting into bed I heard a couple of words.  A minute later I heard these same words.  I figured I better get up and write these words down – because usually this is how God speaks to me and gives me topics about future articles.

 I got a pad and began to write down the words and then more and more came.  I wanted to share this ‘word’ with you, so you can be excited about what God has for you and to know how much He loves you!

“Be faithful in word and deed.  Do all things in Me.  Pledge your allegiance to Me – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

“Do all things for the advancement of My Kingdom.  Do all things in the realm of light – nothing under the cover of darkness.”

“You stepped out of the kingdom of darkness when you came to Me, do not create treason by turning your back on Me.”

“The kingdom of darkness has nothing to offer you – except death.  I am the Way – the Truth and the Life.”

“Every word I speak is meant to bless and prosper you.  I am the Bread of Life.  I am your nourishment.  I gave you breath and continue to give you breath.”

”You work for Me.  Go and do, advance My Kingdom in this earth.”
“Tell about My Father and tell about Me.  I have come so people can be free.  Free to worship, free to live the way My Father and I live.  No harm, no worry, only joy unspeakable.”

“Be a giver, a dispenser of My joy.  Spread it as you would spread seeds into the ground.”

“I am full of joy, peace, happiness – blessings abound in Me.  If you are attached to Me – you will abound in these blessings.  Throw away your shackles – take My yoke upon you, because My yoke is not a burden, it will free you.”

“I do not desire religion – I desire freedom.  I have set you free.  Do not be shackled any longer.  Give yourself to Me fully and you will be free, as I am free now and was free upon the earth.”

“I said to Pilate, ‘I give Myself.’  I gave Myself for you.  Run to Me – stay connected to Me and you will be full of unspeakable joy in all you do.  You will be a joy magnet.  Others will be attracted to you because My joy is in you.”

“My Kingdom is joy, laughter, and happiness – there is no sadness in My Kingdom.  I am King of Kings – all people are blessed under Me.”

“I give you only what I have and there is no lack in Me.  No lack of anything!”

“You can have all you desire because it is My pleasure to give it to you.  Think high – think abundance.  My mind is in you – use it.  Imagine – dream – do!”

“Whatever you ask in My name I will do.  Never doubt - never hesitate.  Always act and do in faith.  It is My pleasure to give.  This brings glory to the Father and I always live to please Him.  I speak and do and live to please the Father.  Do the same – this is heaven on earth.  This is the Kingdom I established.”

“You are a treasure – I gave all I have (Myself) to possess you.  You are a rare gem to Me.  I will never give you up!”

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