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From The Editor -- by Tim Greenwood                                                                      March 2008
Most of you are familiar with my healing testimony as written in “Walking in Faith”.  However most people don’t know that translation was part of my healing.

On the morning that I had the heart attack at work, I notified my boss that I was ill and was going home.  My coworkers desperately tried to stop me but I was determined and got in my car and headed east on the freeway home.

About halfway home traffic got really bad and I came to a complete stop in the center lane between two big trucks when I experienced another attack so severe that I could not hold onto the wheel.  My hands fell to my sides and I felt myself begin to pass out.  Just before I closed my eyes I asked God to “Please just get me home.” 

The next instant, feeling the car make a hard right-hand turn, tires squealing, I opened my eyes just in time to see my hood barely miss the still opening garage door. This caused me to hit the brakes hard just to keep from going through the back wall of my own garage.  I turned off the engine, got out, had Marcia call the doctor and then had her drive me there.  So much else happened afterwards that I just forgot about what had happened until months later.

What did happen?  The only explanation was that God translated me in my car, more than fifteen miles, bypassing congested freeways, offramps and city streets, from downtown Los Angeles, past three other cities, right to my own garage in Arcadia in what seemed to be just a few seconds!

My purpose for telling you this is to further illustrate the goodness of God and to encourage you that if He did something like that for me, then you can expect Him to do great things for you too!

Window On The Word -- by Tim Greenwood
Christians!  The time has come to take whatever you have learned in the classroom of the church out into the battlefields.  If you have received Jesus Christ as your Savior, Lord and King, then you are hereby conscripted into His Majesty’s service.

Your primary mission will be a rescue mission.
Your assignment is as follows:
·         You are to report to a good, Spirit filled, Bible teaching, Church, (Training Facility) of your choice for the next six weeks for intense training and equipping for battle.  Selection of a good, (Spirit filled, Bible teaching) Church, (Training Facility) is essential to prepare you to successfully accomplish your mission.
You are to attend every class, service, study and training session made available to you.
You are to be baptized in water.
You are to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
You are to intently read and study the following books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts and the Letters of Paul. 

At the end of your training period, you are to read and follow your Mission Instructions to the letter while continuing weekly participation in one or more Church class, service, study or training session.

Mission Instructions are found in Mark, Article 16, paragraphs 15 – 18, (Mark 16:15-18) and reads as follows:  "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

You are to report to the battlefield. Part of your mission is to GO INTO the world, (not out from the world), (this includes going to your own family, friends, neighborhood, town, area, county, state, country and other countries), (outside the four walls of the church), and proclaim to everyone that will stand still long enough to hear the positive benefits of what King Jesus has done for them.

This is NOT a covert mission.  You are to, in every way and at all times, represent and conduct yourself as an official deputy of His Majesty, King Jesus. You are to remain in full uniform and on duty at all times. 

A full uniform includes a minimum of: a daily covering of the blood of Jesus, the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of Righteousness, the belt of Truth, the shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of Peace (wholeness) complete with the sword of the Spirit and the shield of Faith. 

The rules of engagement are as follows:
When engaging our adversary the devil, you are to move straightforward shoulder-to-shoulder keeping your eyes on King Jesus and your ears tuned to the Holy Spirit.  You are not to hide, seek cover or retreat.  Do as much damage to the enemy as possible while accomplishing the primary mission of recovering the lost.  You are never to use the tools and weapons of the enemy.  These include, fear, intimidation, guilt and shame.

Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name:  They will drive out demons; They will speak in new tongues;
Mark 16:18 If they pick up snakes, or ingest deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; They will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.

The other part of your mission is to then fearlessly demonstrate the same things that King Jesus demonstrated by laying hands on people for healing, deliverance and to be filled with the Holy Spirit in the Name of King Jesus.

Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 

Just do your part and rescue as many victims as possible.

Many of the victims were kidnapped so early in life that that they have no understanding that they have been abducted by the enemy, and therefore may refuse to be rescued.  But others have come to realize that they are being held captive and are seeking a way of escape.

Each person that receives Jesus as Savior, Lord and King will cause great damage and demoralization in the kingdom of darkness. 

This is an ongoing mission.

During training you may have gone on a training mission to the mall to “witness” to people.  However, your ongoing mission is to look for every opportunity, everywhere you go, 24/7, to execute the above mission for the rest of your life or until you receive reassignment from the office of King Jesus.

If at this point, you are still unable, unprepared or ill equipped to commence this mission then you are to report back to the Church, (Training Facility), or perhaps select another Church, (Training Facility) and repeat the training and/or equipping needed to accomplish said mission.

Editors Note: Recently while getting ready for a meeting, I ask the Lord if there was anything that he specificly wanted me to say or do for Him.  He immediatedly answered with,"Motivate the people to get out of the pews and into the fields!"  The above was an attempt to do just that.

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