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Diminishing The Darkness By Lifting Up the Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ

From The Editor -- by Marcia Greenwood                                                      November 2007
Are you fully persuaded in your own mind that God’s Word is true?  The words “fully persuaded” in the Greek language mean completely assured and most surely believe.  This means that you know, that you know, that you know that God will carry out fully what He has spoken and had written down for you and me.  To be fully persuaded means no more second guessing, no more doubts and no more trying to do things our own way.

Romans 4:20-21 tells us that Abraham did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised. (NIV)

When you read the Bible I want to encourage you to make it personal.  Read it knowing that God is talking to you.  Put your name in the verses.

Hunger for more in depth knowledge of God and His Word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and bring the Word alive to you as never before.  Open your heart and allow Him to deposit truth in your heart.

Believe the Word with all your heart.  Then act on it in faith.  Faith is not a “movement.”  True faith will never go away.  Living by faith is living like your Father God lives, like Jesus lived on this earth and continues to live and how the Holy Spirit lives and operates.

Build your faith by reading the Word (Romans 10:17).  God says His Word IS Truth!  You and I are the only one who can truly be persuaded in our own minds and hearts.  No one else can do that for us, and God will not force us into doing anything.

When we are fully persuaded that God’s Word is truth and that it is for us personally then we will observe to do what it says and receive the promises and bring glory to the Father.

Window On The Word -- by Tim Greenwood

It's Time
To Lift
The mission of Tim Greenwood Ministries is to “Diminish the Darkness (of the Devil’s Kingdom) by Lifting Up the Marvelous Light Of Jesus Christ.”  In several Articles we have focused on doing damage to the Devil’s kingdom.  I think that by now there should be a “Wanted” poster at the post office in hell with my picture on it!  But this time I want to focus on us, as Christians, lifting up our lights.

In Mat. 5:14-16, Jesus tells us, "You ARE the light of the world.”  “People don’t light a lamp and put it (or keep it) under a bushel basket, instead they put it (and keep it) (up high) on its lamp stand, so that it gives light to everyone in the house.”  “A city on a hill cannot be hidden (because of it’s elevation and light).”  “In the same way let YOUR light shine before (other or all) men, that they may see your good works, (see your good example and receive your influence as a Christian), and (thereby end up) praising Father God in heaven (with you).”

Jesus is saying that YOUR INFLUENCE has the potential to change the world!

In this passage Jesus is surely referring to the city of Saphoris, the beautiful capitol of Galilee. Saphoris was a very wealthy and influential center of business; fashion, style, commerce and technology, which was built on a hill, just three miles form Nazareth.  Jesus’ grandparents lived in Saphoris and Mary grew up there.  Nazareth was the village where the workers and builders of Saphoris, including Joseph and Jesus, lived and from which they commuted.  It is said that Saphoris glowed at night.
Today with electric lights we often take lighting for granted.  After being yelled at several times as a boy, I finally learned as my dad was working under the hood of a car, that the position of the light that I held was very important to getting the job done.

All of the lamps of Jesus’ day were small clay oil reservoirs of the same size.  And as long as the oil kept the wicks soaked they would stay lit and give off light.  But the positioning of these lamps were even more important than today.  If the lamp was set on a table it would only illuminate a small area of the table.  If it were set on a short stand, it would light the entire table. If it were set high up on a lamp stand, it would bathe the entire room with light.  All of the lamps were the same, but the higher the lamp the brighter the light.

Jesus was saying that the position you are in, affects your level of influence!
What position is your lamp in?  The time for Christians to elevate their lamps is now!

The time has come for Christian employees to do everything they can to elevate their positions.  Some employees should start preparing to start their own companies.  Small Christian businesses should do everything they can to grow and expand as much as they can.  Refusing to elevate your lamp is like putting it under a bushel basket.

How much influence do you have in your community, city or county?  What if you were the largest employer in the county?  You are already the light of the world, but your position will determine your influence. 

The devil will lie to you, fight you and do everything he can to keep you in your comfort zone, as long as it will limit your influence.  Do not hesitate to take every opportunity for advancement, growth and expansion on the job and in your business.  If you will lift up your lamps by faith then the power of the Holy Spirit will expand your influence.

Christians light your wicks!  It’s time for you to expand your influence from a table, to a room, to a house, to a city, to a nation, to the world!  God wants YOU to be that city on a hill!   


Allow us to help you fulfill your God-given vision!

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