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From The Editor ... by Marcia Greenwood - For April 2007

Greetings partners and friends,

Tim and I would like to remind you that you, yes you reading this article are very special to god.  As a born again believer, you are a child of God.  Hand picked and adopted!

God wants “His kids” to be sanctified and set apart from the rest of the world.  Sanctified means to be set apart as special – apart from the crowd, apart from the common things.

Do your friends, work associates and unconverted family members see you as “special?”  They should – you have something they need.  Do they see something different about you?  Do they see a peace and calmness on you, when the world is so turbulent?

When you have a problem in your life, how do you react in front of them?  Do you react the typical “worldly” way in fear and doubt or God’s way – in full assurance of faith?  Do you speak about the problem as “woe is me” or do you speak about a mighty God and what Jesus has done for you?

The world needs to know what Jesus has done for them.  You and I are the special chosen instruments God uses to draw others to the foot of the cross – to Jesus Himself!

You are special to God when you show love to others.  People are not used to being treated kindly.  Too many people have been hurt very badly and kicked around for way too long.  They need someone special in their life.  They need you!  The Bible says that the laborers are few, but the harvest is plenty.  Now is the time to go out and show the world just how special being a child of God really is.

Window On The Word ... by Marcia Greenwood

How To Pray For Others

Praying for others shouldn’t be hard for any of us. Prayer is nothing to be afraid of. It is not our power that works in others to bring salvation, deliverance, or healing to them. It is the power of the Holy Spirit in us. As Christians we want to be obedient to God and be a source of encouragement and help to others in everything we do.

We don’t want to rush in when we pray for others and just pray “any old” prayer. We want to pray the prayer of faith, believing what we pray will be done, the very moment we ask.

Mark 11:22-24 is the framework for prayer. When we pray about anything we believe that “It is done” at the time we pray.

This article covers some practical steps we can take when people ask us to pray for them.

When someone asks you to pray for them – gather some information from them. You do not need a pad and pencil; you can gather this information just through casual conversation.

First: EVALUATE: This is to determine where the person’s faith level (if any) is.
    Listen for:

A. Any fear or doubt (in their tone, body language or words).

B. Words of their mouth: Negative or Positive.

C. Level of Hope: Do they have any?

D. Determine their level of faith.

The person’s level of faith is important. If you are praying for a non-Christian then you will be praying from your faith. Or if you pray for a Christian and their faith level is not as high as yours – then you pray at the person’s faith level.

For instance: If a person has to have surgery and just wants for everything to go well – then pray for that. You Do Not have to force them to believe they will not need surgery.

You are trying to build their faith and if their faith level is not where yours may be – then you want them to see that God will answer their prayers and for them to see the victory. There is time for them to build upon their faith for future things.

Second: ENCOURAGE the person.

Work from where the person is at in their hope and faith and build them up. Pump up their hope. Get them ready to receive now.

Third: EDUCATE them:

Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing. So tell them what the Word of God says about their situation.

Show them how much God loves them. Let them know they must not fear, doubt or have any un-forgiveness towards any one. These are truly big obstacles that stand in their way to receive anything from God.

Teach them there is power in the name of Jesus and the Authority of the Believer.

Fourth: EMPOWER them to:

Put on the full armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18.)

Speak only what the Word says about their situation. Nothing negative.

Act on their faith.

Stand on the Word of God until they receive their manifestation.

Then pray for the person(s), fully expecting them to receive what you asked in Jesus name.

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